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4-Feet High Configured Wood Veneer Peeling Machine of Plywood Machine

4-Feet High Configured Wood Veneer Peeling Machine of Plywood Machine

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Product Details
  • Place of Origin:  china
  • Brand Name:  Linyi Qunshan Machinery Co.,Ltd
  • Model Number:  QSZW-1300-500

Product Description

1. First Our products can be customized according to customer requirements. 

2. Second Support CNC, support Alibaba Cloud control(The use of numerical control technology  saves  labor costs and Alibaba Cloud's use supports)remote repair of computer programs

3.The frame is installed by building blocks without welding.The frame is processed by aging processor to eliminate stress.Frame nut assembly, high installation accuracy, good stability, long service life

4.All motors can full frequency conversion control speed

5.The use of the T-type converter improves the accuracy of the movement of the single-roller head, replaces the simple gear change direction, and extends the service life of the machine. 

6.The width of the linear guide rail of our machine is 65mm, which is the largest in the market at present. Because the linear guide rail adopts the principle of bearing, it can effectively reduce the friction between machines, improve the stability of the machine, and improve the accuracy and service life of the machine.

7. We use double series of bearings, good stability, extend the service life of the machine.The bearing above the double roller is fixed with keyway, the bearing can be fixed in the same place more stably, and the machining precision can be improved.

8.The bearing on the top of our double rollers has a bearing cover, which can be opened to facilitate the replacement of the bearing, so as not to cause damage to the machine and decrease the accuracy due to the replacement of the bearing.

9.Our spindle-less rotary cutting machine is divided into flat - roll, cross - roll (suitable for smaller diameter of the wood).

10.We mainly use hard tooth surface reducer, this reducer wear resistance, low noise

  • Place of Origin:  china
  • Brand Name:  Linyi Qunshan Machinery Co.,Ltd
  • Model Number:  QSZW-1300-500

Technical Parameters

CNC 4-feet  highly matched spindle-less veneer rotary peeling and cutting machine

Dimensions (length x width x height)3600mm x2300mm x1300mm
Weight (T)9.5
maximum rotary peeling diameter500mm
Residual diameter of wood core32mm
Rotary peeling veneer thickness0.5~4.5mm
Linear velocity30m/min~120m/min
Motor (National standard)

Single roller motor5.5kw x 2set (frequency conversion)
Double rollers motor7.5kw x 2set (frequency conversion)
Feed motor11kw
Cutter motor3.7kw( frequency conversion)
Transfer motor1.5kw (frequency conversion)

Hard tooth surface reducer

Single roller reducerR87-Y2-8.22=2sets
Double rollers reducerRR87-Y2-8.22=2sets

Feed reducerR87-Y2-14.45=1set
T-type commutator reducerT12-1:1-1R-0-B3=1set ;  T12-1:1-1-R-B3=1set
Worm gear and worm reducer

Cutter reducerK47-10.56:1=1set
Transfer reducerK47-7.35:1=1set

nutNew base alloy

surface45# carbon steel high frequency quenching surface treatment

It is connected with the T-type commutator and is connected by a vertical key flange for easy disassembly and assembly.
Guide (Taiwan shangyin)Two 65mm linear guides with 4 weighting sliders
ChainHangzhou Shield
Bearing(Luoyang) 3 series double groove ball deep row bearings
Rotary cutter specifications (Dalian Sengang 1G) 1400mm×180mm×16mm

Knife slope length41.5mm
Feature 1

1.The single and double rollers adopt the full frequency conversion mode, and one machine can complete the working range of three ordinary machines, and adapt to various woods with a hardness of 10° or less.
2. Work with Alibaba Cloud to create global remote computer control, program troubleshooting, system upgrades and other technical support to eliminate language barriers and eliminate customer worries
Feature 2

1.National Standard Class A 20# channel steel, carbon dioxide gas shielded welding and J422, J506 handlebar welding.
2.Frame: large components such as cutter body, single roller seat and double roller seat are aging treated with frequency spectrum aging treatment technology to eliminate the internal stress of components and ensure the processing accuracy and mechanical stability of components
3.Large components of the overall processing, building block installation, to ensure the accuracy of mechanical installation

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